Time-saving Answers To Common Issues

Please review the categories below and click the relevant one to view common questions and answers. Most of problems described here have also been addressed in the instructions provided in registration/profile forms or elsewhere on the site. Do read and follow instructions!

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Q: My signup gets rejected with an error about country mismatch.

A: Due to repeated albeit unsuccessful attempts to abuse our site by scammers, we took precautions to allow new registrations only in the country where you are physically located. If you are traveling and are out of the country at the time of the registration, sign up in the country displayed and use "Contribution" form to verify your location. Your location will be updated once we verified it. Alternatively, you are welcome to sign up when you are back to the country of residence.

Q: I did not receive an [verification] e-mail to continue my registration!

A: Check your other mail folders, besides the Inbox. Hotmail is particularly notorious for misdirecting mail. Yahoo is obsessed with delaying delivery. Also, if you did not provide accurate and working e-mail address when registering, do not expect to receive anything.

We cannot help you with this issue. Our reply would be sent to your e-mail address, but you are already having trouble receiving verification message, so you will not receive our reply either. Simply check and adjust your mail anti-spam filters then wait 24 hours and register again with a correct e-mail address. This method will also work in case there was a temporary problem with the website.

Q: I typed my e-mail incorrectly because of ... (a list of applicable real and invented reasons)

A: Close and open your browser again and this time register with a correct e-mail address. Do not ask us to register you with a different/correct address instead. E-mail verification is done for a reason and you are the one who has to complete it.


Q: I cannot log in! (first-time log in)

A: Have you verified your registration by clicking the link sent to you via e-mail? See Signup about missing verification message.

Q: I cannot log in!

A: Please enable cookies (most browsers will accept them by default). The site uses cookies in order to keep you logged on to the site.

Q: I cannot log in! (cookies are enabled)

A: If you do not remember your password use the password change form.

Q: I forgot/don't know my password!

A: Use the password change form.

Q: How do I log out?

A: You do not need to log out from this website. ClubSilver.ORG only uses session cookies that expire within 30 minutes once you close all browser windows. If you wish to expedite this process, you can also configure your browser to destroy all cookies upon closing.


Q: Can I use the site without creating a profile?

A: No. Profiles are integral to our site and if you cannot write a few informative sentences about yourself and the person(s) you are seeking, it is unlikely anyone on our site will find you interesting.

Q: My profile was rejected!

A: Yes, like most self-respecting dating sites, we review profiles and will reject profiles that contain nonsense, vulgar or profane language or do not follow stated instructions for providing meaningful description of self and the person sought. Other common reasons for rejecting a profile are (1) padding text with periods, spaces, etc to fill it up, (2) repetitive information in multiple fields, or (3) misplaced self-description in "About Match" field and vice versa.

Q: OK, so what do I write in my profile?!

A: We not really trying to tell you what you should put in your description and description of the person(s) you are looking to meet other than that the text should be informative and make sense. What we can tell you is that you should not put descriptions of sexual activities, contact information, or use your profile to promote anything. Profile Guidelines.

Q: You won't let me change my Alias!

A: Your alias is a unique name people know you by. It is not meant to be changed.

Q: How do I change my e-mail address?

A: At this time you can only change your e-mail address by using the contact form below to send us your new e-mail address. We will change it for you and will send a confirmation to both your old and new addresses. Note that for your security, we require that you sign in to your account before making a change request.

Q: I moved and need to update my location.

A: Let us know your new postal/zip code so that we can change it. Your new location will be reflected automatically if known to us or you will enter it with the next profile update.

N.B. We reserve the right to require that you verify your location when submitting change request.

The postal/zip code where you reside is required, if your country uses one. Please do not submit postal/zip codes of businesses, workplaces or PO boxes as we will not approve them.

Q: My zodiac sign is incorrect.

A: Use the contact form to let us know what your full date of birth as MM/DD/YYYY and we will update your profile. Zodiac sign is determined from your date of birth and will update automatically.

Q: How do I add a picture to my profile or change it to a different one?

A: Use My pictures after you logged on to the site. Use "Add" button to add a new picture to your album up to the limit.

Q: My picture was approved but does not show with my profile

A: Perhaps your picture was approved for display as an "extra". Cover/Portrait pictures have an additional requirement. See Picture Guidelines.

Q: You guys are such control freaks! It is my profile so I should be able to write whatever I want!

A: If you say so. Sure beats having 15990 (number of registered members) "control freaks" each of whom wants things his own way.

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Q: You sent me an e-mail about a new message I received from someone, but my mailbox is empty!

A: The most likely reason is that the message was spam and was deleted from your mailbox. It is against our Terms of Service and Anti-Spam Policy to send promotional messages to other members. Such messages will be deleted and we will cancel accounts of repeat offenders.

Q: How do I cancel my account?

A: Sign in to your account and use the form in "Other Inquiries" section of this page to submit your cancelation request. You must sign in to submit a cancellation or else we cannot verify it is you who is cancelling your account! If you do not remember your password, use the password change form. Your account will be cancelled within 48 hours after we reviewed your request. Do not submit questions with your cancellation request.


Q: You sent me a virus!

A: We did not. You may be receiving messages containing an attached virus with a falsified return address. We cannot send you a virus, because we never send attachments. Delivering a virus requires an attachment, be it an HTML page or an executable program or sometimes a picture. Viruses cannot propagate themselves through our computers because our computers are immune to such viruses.

Q: You sent me spam!

A: We did not. You may be receiving spam with a falsified return address. We only communicate with you regarding your ClubSilver membership. ClubSilver will send you only new message notices, innactivity warnings (up to 3), and important announcements. Our Terms of Service stipulate that you must accept these notices. Obviously, you may receive replies to your direct inquiries as well.

Q: What should I do if someone is behaving inapropriately?

A: We are glad to say, this hasn't happened yet. However, this is how we will approach it if it does. If you find someone's behavior toward you objectionable, you must: (1) make an effort to stop it and (2) if your efforts did not help, report it to us by using the form below. By effort we mean that you should reply to such a member with a clear yet simple message that you are not interested in pursuing correspondence with him. Do not use inflamatory language, do not accuse him of anything, simply tell him you are not interested in further communication. Once you have indicated your preference, if advances continue, report them to us. Note that not replying to him may not be an effective way to stop his advances.

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