Love from the First Sight (A Steve and Rob's Story)

Steve and Rob's Story

We all come across stories that just grab our attention with fascinating simplicity and trueness. Steve and Rob's story is one of those for us. Steve approached us in August of 2004 to share his excitement about meeting someone on ClubSilver.ORG. We could only wonder how remarkable this experience must have been for both Steve and Rob, knowing that Rob had joined the site less than two weeks prior to their meeting on-line. They graciously agreed to answer a few questions and share their story with other members of the site in September 2004.

Update (May 2005): After almost 9 months together, Rob and Steve will have a civil ceremony in May 2005. They decided to focus on activities geared toward couples in "off-line world." We wish them best of luck and many wonderful years together.

ClubSilver.ORG chats with Steve and Rob:

CS: How would you describe your Internet and non-Internet dating experience prior to joining ClubSilver.ORG?

R: Not a good one. Dating was a rarity anymore. Most guys just wanted to jump into bed and move on to the next guy. I wanted more.
S: It was boring and difficult to get excited about.

CS: What were your expectations/hopes when you first joined ClubSilver.ORG?

R: I am always looking to meet new friends, so I simply joined the site to meet new people. Little did I know I'd find the love of my life.
S: I did not expect anything different from any other site for meeting people online. On a typical site, it is all about sex but ClubSilver.ORG proved to be a step above all of that.

CS: What aspects of each other's profile would you say were the most inviting toward the first contact?

R: Just the way Steve was to the point and how his personality came through in his profile.
S: Rob had just joined when I came across his profile. At the time, his profile did not have a picture (CS: picture was being reviewed after the submission). Rob seemed to be a genuine guy with real hopes for something more than sex.

CS: At what point did you start to think that you may have met your Mr. Right? How did that discovery come about?

R: After the first couple of e-mails, I found Steve so fascinating that we went to talking on the phone. Actually, after about a week, I knew he was the one for me. Steve was honest and up-front about what he was looking for and we wanted the same.
S: The e-mail exchange was fun and did allow a bit of exploration of each other's personalities. It lead me to think that Rob could be a man I was looking for. The first time that I saw Rob's photo I knew that he was the one for me.

CS: What would you advise other ClubSilver.ORG members who are searching for their own Mr. Rights?

R: Be your true self and communicate. Don't be afraid to say what you're looking for.
S: Allow yourself to be candid with others. Absolutely be yourself and keep your focus about what is important to you. Don't be afraid to express your true feelings.

CS: We know you have spent a fabulous weekend together. What is the next big thing you are planning to do together? A trip perhaps?

R: Actually, the next big step is my moving in with Steve (CS: Rob is relocating from Ohio to Florida) and we're planning a unity ceremony in the spring. Family and friends are amazed at how fast things happened, but when you find the perfect match, and you both have the same goals and want the same thing, then who's to say how long it takes to fall in love. I love him with all my heart and soul and want to spend the rest of my life keeping that smile on his face each of our days together.
S: I love Rob and simply can't imagine life without him. Of course, a ceremony is going to be nice but it's spending the rest of our lives together that is exciting to me. Previously, I had become very disenchanted with the Internet dating experience, however I know now that there is hope for us guys that want more out of life than just casual sex.

CS: Thank you for sharing your story with our members. On behalf of ClubSilver.ORG, we wish you the most wonderful life together. Keep in touch!

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