Looking for LTR (life time - not long term)

Alias: DrGarynSanDiego

Age: 74 yo

Astrology: Cancer  

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Location: SAN DIEGO, California (United States)

Looking For: 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59

Seeking: Friendship/Companionship, Love/Relationship

Languages: English

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About Me

gwm, 60 y/o, clinical psychologist - masculine, stable and solid personality. have a great life and would like a relationship to be the icing on the cake. i'm looking for someone that is either close to me or is able to come visit and then if things work out, relocate here. i love to wake up in the morning and lay there looking at my lover/partner and just think of how lucky i am to have him sleeping by me, or to awake and see him looking at me, and know that he feels the same. i want to get up in the morning to drink coffee and eat breakfast together before we each leave for the day, then come home and fix dinner, play with the dogs, and sit on the patio eating and talking about everything from the bastard at work to the latest episode of "will and grace." to have a drink and cuddle in each other's arms as we watch tv, and then go to sleep in the complete assuredly that the same thing will be there tomorrow. i know that there are things about me that can improve, probably about you too. nevertheless, i will love you just as you are now and if you need to change then you will because it feels â“rightâ” not because i ask or demand you to and the same goes for me. if you look at me and are either turned on or turned off "only" by the externals then you probably aren't him after all. for example i'm never going to be a tiny man (i'm currently 6' and 275lbs) but for my heath i have to get my weight down. so far i've lost 75lbs and plan on losing another 75. one guy told me he thought i was "perfect" but if i lost that much weight he "wouldn't get excited by it." well, you need to be able to look inside and find something to love. as we get older so very much of our physical being changes (well if i have to admit it our mental too) and i need someone that will be with me for the rest of our lives, truly a "till death do us part" relationship. so if you would like to settle down with someone to build a life filled with excitement, boredom, spontaneity, sameness, thrills, and stability then i might be the man for you and hope you might be the man for me.

About My Match

what iâ’m looking for is someone that laughs more than they cry. someone that enjoys working but who also knows how to have fun. a person that knows a relationship is hard work and is willing to put out the effort so that it can succeed. a man that wants to be in a relationship for the long haul not a quick fling or just until things get tough. i'm looking for a man that wants to build a life together as a couple not one as two individuals who live together. a person who believes that compromise is better that having it his way. i have found in the past that the men i am attracted to are usually, 35 (if your younger then your in a career or almost there) to 50 (if your older then you still know how to be a fun loving boy), and people are usually surprised to learn that you are gay. you're probably out to most, employed or retired, like the out-of-doors, enjoy animals, have a sense of spirituality (i attend m.c.c. in san diego and church life is a big part of mine), and a high awareness of ethics. you can be of any ethnic or religious background, race, or educational status, don't really care what your eye color is or your hair color (or if you even have any). you are really just a man that is comfortable in your own skin and want to share that skin it with me


laughter, honesty


liars and dishonesty

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