Seeking an LTR with a kind and talented man.

Alias: islandguymaui

Age: 71 yo

Astrology: Aries  

Ethnicity: Mixed/Multi

Location: HANA, Hawaii (United States)

Looking For: 40 to 49, 50 to 59, 60+

Seeking: Friendship/Companionship, Love/Relationship

Languages: English, Spanish

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More about this gay daddy admirer bear in HANA, Hawaii (United States)

About Me

I am more of an extrovert and funny guy. I am talented in the arts and passionate about most things in my life. I do better when, I can share with someone special in my life. I believe all life has value and go out of my way not to end the life of even a lizard. Friends call me "faithful, honest and a confidant. " I have various qualities that I rather let you, discover. I think I will always consider myself a work in progress and a guy who is always looking for a new adventure in life. Travel is what I want/need to do more of but, I also love being at home with someone I care for. I am an excellent cook and love foods from just about every corner of the planet and can cook much of them. Life is a gift for me--one I attempt every day to be in gratitude of. I have been blessed with loving parents who, never judged me and a family filled with supporters and friends. Being an Italian/Latin/French male, if I am not the middle of a party--rest assured--I am only one or two from it.

About My Match

A man who considers himself a kind person. A man of quality, acceptance. who is masculine, forgiving, funny, sure of himself and NOT partnered. He would see what WE can be and not be stuck on what WE were. He would always stand by my side; not in front and not behind. He would smile and laugh readily and not take himself too seriously. When people speak of him they would say "he is an honest man with values who finds laughter in his daily life and hardly ever has a bad thing to say about others". This man of mine if we lost all we had obtained would pick himself up, grab my hand and say "guess its time for a new adventure".


intellegence, wit, big smiles, kindness to living things, creativity.


judgemental, mean, and spiteful people

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Older male seeking younger masculine with some outdoor interests. Mature guy looking for younger admirers. Athletic Irishman with Sparkling Pale Blue Eyes Looking for a masculine fun guy. Quality guy looking for the same.
Masculine guy seeking same. Seeking a lover, not a one night stand. Seeking loving relationhip, but till then want to party! In shape, attractive and intelligent man. Looking for something with meaning.

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