College guy looking for older men.

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Alias: NorthAndSouth

Age: 26 yo

Astrology: Sagittarius  

Ethnicity: Latino

Location: NEW YORK CITY, New York (United States)

Looking For: legal to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59

Seeking: Friendship/Companionship, Penpal/E-mail/Chat partner, Love/Relationship

Languages: English, Japanese

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More about this gay younger admirer in NEW YORK CITY, New York (United States)

About Me

I am a university student studying Japanology and I have always had an interest in older men. I like to read non-fiction, engage in intellectual conversations, and take naps. Almost nothing shocks or disappoints me, and I am always in the flow with things. That being said, I'm a humorous lad who enjoys making a few crass or dry jokes here and there.

About My Match

Men who consider conversation to be more than saying "yes", nodding your head, and smiling with no enthusiasm. An interest in politics/current affairs is a must. Not interested in a guy who needs constant communication and ridiculous co-dependency. He would also be more of a leader and take charge person.


hairiness, large than me, caring, sweet, very flirty, calmness, take charge.


compulsiveness, controlling, emotionally unstable.

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