texas couple for sexual encounters and friendship.

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Alias: ushot4oldm

Age: 49 yo

Astrology: Leo  

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Location: MONTGOMERY, Texas (United States)

Looking For: 50 to 59, 60+

Seeking: Friendship/Companionship, Penpal/E-mail/Chat partner

Languages: English

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About Me

Committed male couple of 14 years looking for friendship and sexual encounters with mature men between the ages of 45-75. Would like to meet men in the Houston area or men traveling on business.

About My Match

balding/receding/bald, white or gray hair,hairy chest,masculine acting and appearing and good personality also glasses are a special fire starter


glasses,cigars,pipes,hairy chest


some one who acts feminine in public

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Older male seeking younger masculine with some outdoor interests. Mature guy looking for younger admirers. Looking for older men for friends and more. Looking for a masculine fun guy. Athletic Irishman with Sparkling Pale Blue Eyes
Quality guy looking for the same. In shape, attractive and intelligent man. Seeking loving relationhip, but till then want to party! Seeking a lover, not a one night stand. Masculine guy seeking same.

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