Creative artistic inquiring mind and feelings reaching searching.

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Alias: usmaybmano

Age: 71 yo

Astrology: Aries  

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Location: FORT WALTON BEACH, Florida (United States)

Looking For: any (legal+)

Seeking: Friendship/Companionship, Penpal/E-mail/Chat partner, Love/Relationship

Languages: English

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About Me

I am seeking new experiences, friends, contacts. horizon expansion. ideas, confrontation, companions, searchers, complementary and complimentary, feelings, touches, excitement, peace, personality, persistence, ideals, goals. challenges. I'm not at an end. we are at the beginning. Along the way, we form attachments and relationships; some long term and some for the moment. The search and 'joie de vivre' thrives. and we grow and become. Happiness and Peace to You. Maybe we can touch that which we seek.

About My Match

Searching for one who is active, intelligent, compassionate, thinking and feeling, enjoying Life and wanting to share experiences and challenges. Physical health as well as mental and emotional health are important issues. I am looking for a confident man, comfortable with his sexuality, and one who wants to add more experience and wisdom to his life's repertoire and resume.


Confidence with acknowledment of infallibility


Not recogizing one's responsibiltity for one's health and well being

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