Seeking fellow maverick living and thinking outside the box

Alias: yocahuna2015

Age: 71 yo

Astrology: Cancer  

Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander

Location: LISBOA, Lisboa (Portugal)

Looking For: 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59

Seeking: Friendship/Companionship

Languages: English

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About Me

Shorthand would be Asian but that doesn't begin to tell that i'm Jamaican of Hakka Chinese descent, a rarity in these parts. Equally rare is that I'm outspoken, practicing an almost brutal honesty, but with compassion. Getting on in years, and while content living in genteel poverty, would love to spend what time i have left with someone simpatico. Chained to the computer doing research, writing, social media, trying to save the world with a crazy alternative economic theory. Drag myself from the desk to keep healthy and alive with yoga, meditation, working out, cooking vegan from scratch. Watch free movies and listen to free music online. Won't mind going out if you're paying, otherwise we'll stay home and I'll fix dinner. Love gardening and cats.

About My Match

Prefer younger guy as equal partner, not son. Helps if you're assertive, tall, athletic, hairy, in addition to being emotionally mature, trustworthy, honest, affectionate, communicative, and not afraid to step outside of the box.


scruff (facial hair), defined hairy chest, six pack

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I would love to meet a nice older man. Looking for younger. Down to earth chub looking for younger

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