Picture Guidelines

Your picture album consists of a portrait (cover) picture and may contain additional pictures. All pictures must be of clothed persons.

The purpose of a portrait (cover) picture is to showcase your face. To that extent, the portrait picture must be of you only (except for couples) from the waist up and clearly and completely show your face. Additional pictures may be full-length. However, note that, due to limited picture size, cropping (removing unnecessary space around subjects) of such pictures is essential or else your face will not be recognizable in it and the picture will not be approved.

All pictures should be in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format with the minimum picture dimensions of 250x250 pixels (see example) and the picture file not larger than 1 MB (1,048,576 bytes) in size. You do not need to resize bigger pictures to be 250x250 pixels as it is done automatically, however removing excess space around the persons ("cropping") may make a picture more visually appealing.

If your Internet connection is slow (dial-up), please allow up to 10 minutes for a picture upload to complete.

We will not approve for display on our web site pictures that:

show persons appearing younger than 18 years old.
show more than two recognizable persons.
are duplicates.
are not free of copyright.
contain explicit or suggestive content.
are animated images.
are collages made up of a number of pictures.
contain text or graphic overlays, frames, or other editing.
are of poor quality.

An image of 250x250 pixels would appear this big on your screen:

Sample picture