Things That Make ClubSilver Unique

We often feel that new members do not understand ClubSilver. For many of them, ClubSilver is not the first gay dating site they have tried. Note the emphasis on "dating." There are not many online meeting places, particularly for meeting mature gay men and admirers, that emphasize the dating aspect of online communications; rather, many of such sites simply follow the tried-and-true path of explicit content. Early on, we decided that we will take a different approach, an old-fashioned dating approach, where the emphasis is on finding someone to be friends with, enjoy social activities together, share life with, someone to love. We felt that such an alternative place was needed.

The approach we took in creating ClubSilver summarizes the overall direction of the site. After reading about our motivation, you may decide this site is not for you.

Listed below are the main principles that make ClubSilver unique. Consider this page a ClubSilver "manifesto", if you wish.

If you build it, they will come.

OK, we will admit this is our hope, but the point is, if you are looking for something more than just casual encounters then why not use ClubSilver, a classy website, that actually tries to bring together likeminded single gay men, mature silverdaddies and their younger gay admirers who are looking for more meaningful relationships?

On occasion, we are told that we do things the wrong way, not the way they are done by some other website for mature gay men. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we will always accept constructive criticism from our members, we run the site the way we choose to. As stated elsewhere on this page, if we wanted to run an explicit site, we would have joined a parade of "half-a-million-or-so" other explicit websites already.

We like our site, which is why we put enormous effort into maintaining it. You may decide you like a different site better. We respect your right to choose.

Just because you can, does not mean you should.

Just like all major commercial dating sites, ClubSilver screens public user profiles for profanity and explicit content. The result is the site you can use virtually anywhere. You can even show your public profile to your friends without making your mother blush.

We would like to stress again that ClubSilver is not a "hook-up" or "sex personals" website, therefore profiles "seeking sex" will be rejected.

Look and . . . "touch."

Unlike most major commercial dating sites, ClubSilver allows free use of the site. We have explored many of the so-called "free" sites ourselves, only to find that all you could do for free is create a profile. Any time we wanted to contact a handsome silverfox, the "cash register" showed up. This "look but do not touch" approach just did not do it for us. Enter ClubSilver --any member who uses the site according to our Terms of Use gets to send 2 messages a day for free.

A picture should be worth a thousand words.

Many pictures we see online are worth 3 words only, "lack of effort." Come on, you are trying to meet a handsome gay silver daddy. Put your best foot forward, make a good first impression! Simply put, if you enjoy seeing a nice picture of good-looking gay older man or an admirer, make sure yours is a nice picture to look at as well.

You will not see on ClubSilver pictures of puppies, forests, mountains, backs of heads, body parts, and pictures of who-knows-what-else. Our editors even make sure that every picture approved for display is a good quality picture.

Use it or loose it.

There are many commercial online sites that claim they have millions of users, yet when one tries to meet some of those "millions" of members, one may find that many of listed users are inactive and have multiple equally outdated profiles.

We are not interested in inactive members ... because you will not be. ClubSilver has exactly 16348 registered members now. We know it for sure, because we remove profiles of members who have not used the site for more than 180 days. We don't just say we will remove inactive members--we actually do.

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